Salcombe Yacht Club welcomes members and visitors to enjoy the first-class sailing, excellent facilities and picturesque scenery.

The Ria, which runs from Kingsbridge to Salcombe and the sea provides some of the most beautiful and safe dinghy sailing in the United Kingdom. From beginner to expert there is more than enough variety and challenge to provide a wonderful learning environment together with a spectacular racing challenge.

Racers and sailors of all ages can all enjoy exploring the Bar and the Bag, creeks and pubs, mud, sandy beaches, overhanging branches, long reaches, herons, gulls and cormorants, seals and dolphins, spring tides, neap tides, strong south westerlies, icy easterlies and fluky north westerlies, lazy days and racy days.


Salcombe Yacht Club provides top quality racing as well as active encouragement of younger members with cadet training. The Solo, Merlin Rocket National 12 and Salcombe Yawl fleets form the backbone of club racing with a strong Handicap Class fleet providing quality racing.