WE ARE OPEN TODAY - THE SUN HAS FINALLY COME OUT! Please do come and join us for a drink. You are most welcome to bring your own picnic or food from other local establishments. We would ask you to take your own litter away please. Hope to see many of you here!

Anyone wishing to race on Sat 11th July must enter by emailing Simon Dobson


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Home / News / Sailing Club Series. Race 3.
Home / News / Sailing Club Series. Race 3.

Sailing Club Series. Race 3.

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Published 16:53 on 12 May 2019

Some us went racing in the Salcombe Ria on Saturday 11th May. Those who did, were in pursuit a pinnacle of sailing achievement, much as headlined actually. Namely: The Salcombe Sailing Club Series 2019. Race 3. Your correspondent is charged with the task of reporting upon this, to the waiting world.

In a quest to avoid undue extemporisation of the facts, we will confine to remarking that:

  1. The sun was definitely out and the air temperature a good bit warmer than lately.
  2. The wind was northerly. About 9 mph.
  3. Despite the northerly component, the breeze was actually reasonably stable and free of 28mph gusts and 30 degree shifts. Unusual for Salcombe, recently.
  4. Most if not all the fleets, were set a course from the watch house start beating against the ebb tide, to Gerston. We returned on the run to Crossways; a square beat back to Gerston (really nice actually).  Thence a long run back to Mark X, off Small’s Beach and then, to finish.
  5. It was good to be alive.  

First away were the Cadets, against the briskly ebbing tide. Some cadets certainly started and finished ....

Happily, we have the published results for the Medium handicap. Your correspondent did also witness the scampering away of Tim Fells in his Aero 7 blitzing his competitors by er, nearly half an hour? This is sobering management information for his competitors. Tim may have some handy tips for those trying to beat him, he being a man of considerable experience and success in many classes notably the Merlin, B14, Lark and SB3. Worth the question of him. If any consolation, this is the minimum margin one might expect to be beaten by Tim and Fran Gifford, when racing against them in a Merlin, so do not be dismayed.   Easy to say, admittedly.  

Ben Meek no mean talent, was second in a Laser 4.7 thence by Clare Booth also in her Aero 7.

One can report more accurately on the outcome of the Fast Handicap race. Cleaves won in his Phantom. This he did, in complete compliance of the Racing Rules of Sailing; we learned later. Bruce Hattersley, edged Fiona and Graham Cranford Smith in their Merlin by one second on handicap.

Solos are the staple of Salcombe Yacht Club though numbers are a bit down on times of yore.

This is a bit concerning to contemplate. Nevertheless, though derided by some as being slow, Solo racing is undeniably and brilliantly close. Being class racing it is also to be cherished. Not so often troubling the scorers, but nevertheless reliable regulars, we would like to recognise here Geoff Allen, Roger Pope and Stuart Cartwright who usually compete each week, come what may. It is also gratifying and excellent to see the return of Jonty White to a Solo after a protracted and very serious illness.

Simon Dobson, fresh from a hat-trick of wins the preceding week in his Yawl, claimed first in the Solos over Robin Hodges, who is sailing very well presently. He was followed by Andrew Bourne, another class stalwart.

Finally, but not least, the Yawl. Commodore elect Andy Savell and First Lady Elizabeth Savell lead the Yawl series, this day beating Peter Stratton and Barney Greenhill. Well done to them.

Graham Cranford Smith.

Photos. Courtesy of Ed Stephens.



1st. Y187 Andrew Savell. Elizabeth Savell

2nd Y161 Peter Stratton. Carolyn Adcock.

3rd Y138 Barney Greenhill. Juanita Greenhill.


 Medium Handicap

1st Aero7 Tim Fells

2nd Laser 4.7 Ben Meek

3rd Aero 7 Clare Booth


Fast Handicap

1st Phantom 1306 Chris Cleaves

2nd Phantom 1357 Bruce Hattersley

3rd Merlin Rocket 3769 Graham and Fiona Cranford Smith



1st. Simon Dobson

2nd. Robin Hodges

3rd Andrew Bourne.

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